Welcome to Project Nex

Project Nex is an Arena First Person Shooter game that aims to put a new and refreshing spin on the genre. The game will stay true to the core Arena FPS features that all fans of the genre love: familiar weapons, bunny hopping, action packed movement, and high speed combat. We stay true to the genre but we have added several of our own features and weapons to enhance the experience. Project Nex takes place in a lore rich universe with unique playable alien characters, dynamic maps, and exciting weaponry.

Project Nex provides high risk game-play where players can combine wall running, bunny hopping, and sliding to dodge the enemy while picking off opponents from a distance with accurate railgun shots, plasma rockets, or the lightning gun.

Multiplayer is the core feature of Project Nex and provides an environment for all gamers, no matter the experience level. The game will feature an ELO ranking system where newcomers and hardcore Arena FPS veterans can enjoy casual multiplayer and competitive matches respectively. Project Nex has game-modes such as Duel (1v1), Capture the Flag (4v4), and Free For All.

Project Nex will be released into Early Access for $20. All future updates to the game will be free, with optional cosmetic content such as skins and new player models players can pay for. Players are awarded Dark Manna Points (DMP) by playing both casual or ranked multiplayer matches which they can spend on in-game content as well.

Key Features:

  • Buy into the Early Access for 20$ and receive all future updates free. Players can also purchase optional cosmetic upgrades like skins and character models.
  • A handful of familiar weapons to unleash on your enemy including the railgun, the rocket launcher and the lightning gun.
  • Intelligent and challenging bots you can fight against in offline mode.
  • Multiple unique maps will be available at release (exact number to be announced later), as well as a later update that will include ready made tools for fan made mapping. All future map packs will be released for free as well.
  • Wall sliding, dodge mechanics, bunny hopping, and will cling abilities.
  • Earn unlockable multiplayer avatars.
  • An ELO based ranking system.
  • Windows / Mac / Linux cross-platform support.
  • Built in the Unity 3D engine, allowing for easy access for modders to create new and exciting content for Project Nex.